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Simpsonville museum moving artifacts to Laurens

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

By John Clayton | December 23, 2019

Revolutionary War and Native American garb at the Laurens County Museum on West Laurens Street. The Simpsonville Revolutionary War Museum has found a new home in Laurens. The Laurens County Museum is taking in exhibits from the Revolutionary War at least for the next two years. The exhibits were moved into spaces in both the new Laurens County Museum on the historic square in Laurens and in the museum’s building on West Laurens Street. Most of them will be on display at the old museum building on West Laurens Street with a target date for Jan. 13. “City of Simpsonville is remodeling the old school building and making a community center,” said Revolutionary War historian Durant Ashmore, who has been involved with both museums. “It’s a two-year renovation, and the Revolutionary War Museum had to find a new place to be.” Ashmore said the Revolutionary War Museum’s collection, which has been curated by Tom Widener from several individual collections, is “outstanding.” “There are some real treasures,” he said. “And they are 100% authentic.” Ashmore will also be offering a series of lectures on the Revolutionary War at the Laurens County Museum throughout 2020. Because of Laurens County’s involvement in the Revolutionary War with the Battle of Musgrove Mill, the exploits of the Little River Regiment and other events in the county, Ashmore said the Laurens County Museum is a perfect location for the artifacts from Simpsonville. The exhibits will include uniforms, weaponry such as muskets and swords, ammunition and other supplies. “Laurens is a perfect fit because the history of the Revolutionary War is so much stronger in Laurens County,” Ashmore said. “The war was brutal in the Little River District. There was some brutal warfare that happened during that time period. Then, you had the Cherokee coming into the mix as well. It was a dangerous time in the back country.”



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