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About Us 

The Laurens County American Revolution 250 Committee 

We are all about celebrating Laurens County's role in the American Revolution. Also, we are excited to celebrate the sestercentennial in 2026. We want to help people from all over the world connect with the history, places, ideas, and events that made Laurens County important during the American Revolution. Understanding our past can teach us valuable lessons and inspire us to build a better future. Our mission is to share Laurens County's significant role in the American Revolution with residents and those who visit. We want everyone to feel proud of our local history and ensure that the stories from the American Revolution live on for future generations.


To connect the world to the history, places, principles, and events of the American Revolution in Laurens County.


To celebrate and promote Laurens County's role in the American Revolution by educating, engaging, and inspiring Laurens County citizens and visitors.


  • To discover how Laurens County was involved in the Revolutionary War through the people, places, principals, and events.

  • To preserve the history of the American Revolution in Lauren's County and allow access to various resources and sites.

  • Educate the community on the area's significance by promoting research and tourism. 

History of Committee

In late September of 2021, Laurens County Council recognized our Committee as the official organization to coordinate and administrate celebratory and educational events for the American Revolution to be held in Laurens County. The state and nation will be celebrating the momentous events of the American Revolution, culminating in 2026, with the 250th Anniversary of the Revolution. The Committee has been working diligently to insure that Laurens County's dramatic and historic role in the struggle for independence is recognized throughout the world.

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