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Discovering Laurens County's Rich History: A Journey Through Time at the Culbertson Backcountry Sett

Laurens County is a haven for history buffs seeking to immerse themselves in the captivating and diverse heritage of our nation. This charming county played a significant role in shaping America's history, with a plethora of Revolutionary War skirmishes and battles that took place right here on our soil. Our small towns and cities are teeming with an abundance of historical sites and landmarks, each with its own enchanting and distinctive story to tell. Take exit 19 off Interstate 85 and discover the town of Gray Court, home to the Culbertson Backcountry Settlement. This fascinating site transports visitors back in time with two log cabins from 1790, a church from 1870, a blockhouse from 1770, and a one-room African American schoolhouse from 1870. These buildings were transported to the property and rebuilt by the Gray Court Owning Historical Society. Visitors of all ages can wander through each building and learn about its unique history. At the African American schoolhouse, my guide shared the story of the school and even offered a craft activity from that era to take home. The Culbertson Backcountry Settlement is a must-see destination that both educates and entertains.


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